Q: How can i set my spawn point?

A: You can't. You can however set where /home takes you by sleeping in a bed.

Q: How do I teleport?

A: Type /tpa to send a request to teleport to another player or /tpahere to have them teleport to you. There is a 5 minute cooldown for all teleport commands.

Q: Where can I build on the Creative map?

A: You may claim a plot by right clicking the appropriate sign at Creative spawn. Follow the instructions at spawn to give build permissions to other players.

Q: How do I share my chest/dispenser/etc?

A: You select a sigh by right clicking a protected chest, and follow the instructions in game. You can add more signs to other sides as needed.

Q: Why isn’t my hopper working?

A: You have to use signs to claim each hopper connected to a protected chest. This is to prevent other players from using hoppers to remove your items.

Q: How do I open a shop?

A: This is an upcoming feature. You will be able to purchase a shopkeeper for emeralds at a later date. Shops can only be placed in New Ghen.

Q: When was my friend last online?

A: Type /seen <playername> to find out how long it’s been since a player was last seen on the server.

Q: How do I contact an admin?

A: Stand in the revelant location of the issue, if applicable, and type /ticket create (description).

For information on more commands, type /help in game.